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Action required during Eionet consultation

The WEI+ maps are in map 4.1a and map 4.1b based on latest available year and ltaa respectively. We also refer to maps in a separate document (add link to document on forum) with yearly WEI maps from 2002 until 2006 on RBD and Country level.

Latest available year is comparable to the definition as used for the WEI+, ltaa is continuation of methodology of previous WEI and less dependent of yearly variations in water availability.

  1. We also refer to the questions (add link to document on forum) about the reported values and strongly suggest to have a detailed look at the data for your country and add or correct asap.
  2. Based on the comments, a final WEI+ map will be included in the EEA report on Vulnerability, followed by an interpretation of the map

Also information on “Historic Drought events in Europe” is requested in this questionnaire.

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