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5.2.2.      Responses

The assessment and management of floods in the EU Floods Directive are addressed in a risk-based framework to effectively cope with the random and uncertainty nature of the flood phenomenon. A risk management framework for floods should include: preventive and protection measures including spatial and land use planning to avoid damages and infrastructure works, preparedness measures including early warning systems, response measures for an effective crisis management during floods and recovery actions for an efficient return to a well-functioning state of people, economies and ecosystems and to make sure important lessons are learned.

Figure 5.4 Flood Risk Management Cycle, with focus of EU Floods Directive on prevention, protection and preparedness

Source: EEA

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  • (invited by Wouter Vanneuville) 16 Aug 2012 16:10:51

    title should rather be something like: (responses:) integrated risk management

    I would rather use an established graph instead of fig. 5.4 (e.g. the one from the EEA hazard report)

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