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Due to the nature of flooding, notwithstanding the enumeration of elements to take into account, much flexibility on objectives and measures are left to the Member States in view of subsidiarity. Not only must FRMP be made available to the public, as for the PFRA, APSFR and the flood hazard maps and flood risk maps) but an active involvement of interested parties shall be encouraged.

After 2015 a new 6 year cycle starts consisting of the same 3 steps. A central element in effective flood risk management is the identification of measures, e.g. as categorised in Table 5.1.

Table5.1 Potential measures for flood risk management

Functional group

Type of measure



Underlying instrument

Structural Measures

Flood control

Flood water storage



Flood protection standard; investment programme


Flood polder

River training


By-pass channel


Flood protection



Mobile wall

Drainage and pumping


Urban sewer system

Pumping system

Non-structural measures

Flood control

Adapted land use in source area (catchment of the headwater)

Conservation tillage

Restriction of land use in source areas; priority area Flood control “flood prevention”


River management


Dredging of sediments

Investment/maintenance programme

Use and retreat


Land use in flood-prone area

Avoiding land use in flood prone areas

Restriction of land use in flood zones; building ban; hazard and risk map; insurance premium according to flood zone

Relocation of buildings from flood prone areas

Flood proofing

Adapted construction

Flood forecasting and warning system; civil defence or disaster protection act


Relocation of susceptible infrastructure



Evacuation of human life

Evacuation of assets



Water management

Restriction of land uses in floodplains and source areas


Flood protection standards

Civil protection

Civil protection and disaster protection act

Spatial planning


Priority area “flood prevention”

Building ban

Financial stimulation


Financial incentives

Investment programmes (e.g. for river works)


Subsidies for relocation or adaptation

Financial disincentives


Insurance premium according to flood zone





Information event



Instruction, warning


Hazard and risk map

Forecasting and warning system


Loss compensation

Insurance payments


Source: Flood-ERA / Schanze et al. (2008)

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  • (invited by Wouter Vanneuville) 24 Aug 2012 14:20:55

    For reasons of consistency with implementation of Floods Directive the list in Table 5.1 on potential measures for flood risk management should be streamlined with the "List of types of measures" developed under the WG F – Drafting Group on Reporting.

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