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After a flood disaster relief, reconstruction actions and financial compensations become part of the management activities. Flood events may also change past risk assessments, put pressure on developing flood defences and lead to the adjustment of regulations and norms (Merz et al. 2010). Careful documentation of the event is necessary in order to learn from the experiences. General flood impact databases such as EM-DAT (2012) or Dartmouth Flood Observatory (2012) exist to give a general overview, but for true learning more detailed documentation is needed. The development of such detailed flood impact data bases is going on in several EU member states and also at the European level.

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  • (invited by Wouter Vanneuville) 16 Aug 2012 16:13:41

    ...for true learning, more detailed documentation is needed...

    >> true, but not really specific. on the one hand, the generic database should be improved (do you mean this), by e.g. establishing the EU flood impact db -- on the other side, for larger events, a more detailed event analysis should be performed.


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