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There is a general consensus that society needs urban areas to be more resilient to flooding. Flood-proofing of buildings is a well-known measure towards achieving this, sustainable urban drainage another. Green infrastructure can also provide opportunities for addressing problems caused by land sealing in urban areas (EEA 2010c; EEA 2012c). Reducing the vulnerability of urban areas to floods requires detailed knowledge of local conditions. Measures have to deal with water supply, waste water treatment, rain water runoff and special conditions such as snow melt. There is a need for research into the effects of extreme weather events on urban drainage, water management and water treatment. Urban water management approaches have to be developed that take into account both risks and all positive aspects of water in the urban environment. Water is a necessary element in a sustainable urban environment, but climate change may change conditions for current practices related to urban drainage, water management and treatment. More details on Urban adaptation and water can be found in EEA (2012b).

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