Folder Background documents for Eionet freshwater workshop

Documents and links with information relevant for the discussions at the 2014 Freshwater Eionet workshop

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Folder Draft country fact sheets (6 items) Wouter Vanneuville 27/06/2014, 10:38
URL reporting guidance for SoE data Wouter Vanneuville 05/05/2014, 15:33
URL Water Framework Directive reporting guidance Wouter Vanneuville 12/06/2014, 17:02
PPTX Questions for the breakout groups Download Wouter Vanneuville 23/06/2014, 16:19 424 KB
PDF Content related SoE review Download (2 versions) Wouter Vanneuville 24/06/2014, 13:52 1 MB
PDF Information to the National Focal Points July2014 Download kristpet (disabled) 06/01/2015, 13:59 367 KB
PDF Consultation WISE SOE 16 01 2015 Download kristpet (disabled) 26/01/2015, 08:50 311 KB
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