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Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent
2.2.1 Are the objectives of the workshop clear?
2.2.2 Is the agenda of the workshop clear?
2.2.3 Is the background material useful?
2.2.4 Was the right mix of topics covered?
2.2.5 Were the background documents useful to you in your daily job?
2.2.6 Did you share the documents or other information with your colleagues?
2.2.7 Were the objectives of the workshop achieved?
Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent
3.1 Relevance of the agenda for your work
3.2 Balance of content between European and country level
3.3 Facilitation / Chairing (if applicable)
3.4 Use of practical examples/ case studies
3.5 Quality of presentations
3.6 Engagement with ETC partners, if applicable
3.7 Exchange of information and experiences
(e.g. time for country experiences, usefulness of specific presentations etc.)
Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent
5.1 Travel arrangements prior to workshop
5.2 Secretariat support
5.3 Working conditions during this workshop (conference room facilities, equipment etc.)
5.4 Convenience of the location
Too short Fine Too long
6.1 Length of the Eionet workshop
6.2 Length of time allocated to discussions and Q&A
6.3 Length of time allocated to country level experiences
6.4 Time for networking including social events

(e.g. unintended benefits, the most positive or negative aspects)

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