Indicator - Water abstraction by source and sector

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This is an EIONET consultation on a new indicator for water abstraction by source and sector in Europe. The indicator assesses the development of annual water abstraction from surface water and groundwater across Europe, for the period 1990-2019 based on data collected from WISE SoE water quantity reported by the Eionet member countries, and from Eurostat and OECD water databases.  

Water abstraction by source and sector in Europe

Background information on the methodological implementation is provided under the Supporting Information section of the draft indicator as well as separate excel document is provided to tracking the underlying data of this indicator. The underlying data is a building block on the previously published data of the development of water abstraction in Europe since the 1990s. In addition to the data reported to WISE SoE, Eurostat and OECD, we have performed data gap filling in agriculture, public water supply, cooling for electricity production and manufacturing industry where data is not available, but particularly for the years 2018 and 2019 to complete the time series for the European assessment. Please consult with the excel file "Water abstraction dataset" to see the level of gap filling as well as the pdf file "Water abstraction data processing" explaining the method employed.

We kindly invite your comments and suggestions to this indicator. The format is that of an EEA indicator assessment, but we have set this consultation through the talkback tool, as this enables us to manage comments in a structured way. Note that the indicator has not yet been through editing nor final graphical layout, so you do not need comments on these aspects at this time.

Section 1 is the indicator assessment. This section provides assessment on the development of water abstraction by surface and groundwater at the EU level, regional and country level. Further the indicator address to actual pressure of each economic sectors i.e. agriculture, cooling for electricity production, public water supply, manufacturing, mining and quarrying.  The figures presented will be interactive on the final indicator page with filtering options for EU, regional and country levels.  

Section 2 is the supporting information. This section provides detailed information on policy relevance of this indicator, data availability, the methodological aspect, uncertainties, data and information references.

Section 3 is the Further comments. This section allows you to make more general comments.

The consultation is open until 31st January 2022.

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We hope you find the draft indicator interesting and look forward to receiving your comments. 

Thank you very much for your expert assistance. 

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