2) Introduction

The meeting was held to discuss current knowledge and the level of risk represented by urban waste water treatment in the transmission of antimicrobial resistance in the environment. It brought together researchers, industry stakeholders, European Commission and European agencies, with differing experience, with the aim of building a broader understanding of the issues. The organisers are very grateful to the participants for their input.

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While there has been significant effort put into understanding transmission of AMR in the health and food sectors, understanding the role the environment may play is at an early stage, in part due to the complexity of the environment. Major opportunities for transmission to humans result from discharges from urban waste water treatment plants (UWWTPs) and from the use of antibiotics in agriculture for veterinary and biocidal use. This meeting focused on urban waste water treatment, as the “simple case” where we have known point sources.

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The aim of this report is to summarise the discussion, which was focused firstly on introducing the topics to a range of stakeholders and then to consider on which issues there was general agreement and on which where further information was required. It should be seen as a starting point for a discussion which needs to continue and develop.


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