7) General comments

This section is for comments which don't fit in a specific place in the draft meeting note, in case of need.

  • Bertrand Vallet (invited by Caroline Whalley) 22 Mar 2019 13:33:35

    Good and complete report. I think it is important that we can share this report within our network without diffusing it at large. The dissemination of the information started already and we need to amplify this so there is an increase in the knowledge gaps and needs for future work.

  • Dominique Monnet (invited by Caroline Whalley) 26 Mar 2019 14:28:00

    I agree: good report. I do not know whether copy editors will edit this report, but an effort could be put at choosing terms and avoiding synonyms throughout the report (I did not suggest these changes when commenting on the chapters):

    • "AMR" (instead of "resistance" or "antibiotic resistance");
    • "AMR genes" (instead of "antibiotic resistant genes" or "antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance genes");
    • "bacteria with AMR" (instead of "resistant bacteria" or "AMR bacteria" - the latter does not make sense since "AMR" is a substantive, not an adjective);
    • "antimicrobial" (instead of "antibiotic" unless the statement only pertains to antibiotics/antibacterials);
    • "bacteria" (instead of "microorganisms").
  • Thomas Berendonk (invited by Caroline Whalley) 08 Apr 2019 18:11:49

    I agree with the above mentioned comments. To me the most important issue is how well the risk needs to be defined (quantified) for precausionary measures

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