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In addition to the larger better known urban rivers, there are many small rivers and streams which have shaped the landscape of European cities and are frequently subject to recent urban restoration schemes. Several of these smaller rivers and streams feature as case studies in the Annex to this report.

Lakes are not as frequent a feature as rivers in large European cities. However, there are a number of cities, which have partly developed on lake shores, coasts and estuaries, that serve as popular recreational areas and/or sources of drinking freshwater for the city. Some examples of cities with major lakes are Tallinn (Lake Ülemiste), Berlin (lakes Wannsee, Müggelsee, Tegeler), Stockholm (lake Mälaren), Zürich (Lake Zürich) and London (Serpentine Lake). Several other European capitals such as Oslo, Vilnius and Bucharest are connected to a number of smaller and middle-sized lakes.

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