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At the time of writing this report, a draft Urban Water Agenda 2030 was prepared by European cities which convened at the Cities & Water Conference (February 2016, Leeuwarden) to discuss urban priorities in relation to water. There is growing understanding among decision-makers in European cities and regions that water is as important for cities as energy or climate, and there are risks and opportunities related to water that will affect the economic development and prosperity of European cities in the future. The Urban Water Agenda 2030 calls for city leadership and coordination to address water challenges and exploit opportunities for smart and sustainable urban water management. The agenda identifies important water issues for cities, sets objectives for 2030 and proposes concrete actions to achieve these objectives around five core areas (Urban Water Agenda 2030):

-          Water efficiency – to reduce water abstraction to the level of sustainable use and good ecological status of water bodies

-          Energy and resource efficiency of urban water systems

-          Water quality – to ensure the quality of water for urban use, prevent pollution of water by cities thereby reaching good ecological status of water bodies

-          Sustainability of urban water infrastructure

-          Flood prevention and nature based solutions

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