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London Rivers   Action Plan

The London Rivers Action Plan was adopted in 2009 (Thames   River Trust, 2016). The main aim of this Plan is to provide a forum for   identifying stretches of river that can be brought back to life, by improving   river channel or riparian habitats, by removing or modifying flood defence   structures, or by reclaiming 'lost' rivers currently buried under the surface   (LRAP Partnership, 2009). In 2011, the broader city strategy “Securing London’s   Water Future” was adopted, which is the first water strategy for London to   provide a complete picture of the city’s water needs. The strategy promotes   increasing water efficiency and reducing water wastage to balance supply and   demand for water, safeguard the environment and help tackle water   affordability problems. It also sets out how London’s Mayor will help   communities at risk of flooding to increase their resilience to flooding   (Greater London Authority, 2011).

The restoration of the River Quaggy and the River   Mayesbrook reviewed for this report are part of the London Rivers Action   Plan.

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