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A changing paradigm   for the rivers and streams in Oslo

One of the key water management issues dealt with in the   city of Oslo is the set of negative consequences caused by culverted streams   passing through the city. The de-culverting strategy for the City of Oslo, Water in the City, addresses all the   streams and rivers that originate in the surrounding forests and eventually   cross through the city down to the Oslo Fjord. Water in the City became part of a more comprehensive Strategy   for Urban Storm Water Management, whose objectives include meeting the   challenges posed by climate change, enhancing water quality and using   stormwater as a resource in cityscapes. Within this strategy, the   de-culverting programme works as an inter-agency programme coordinated by the   Agency for Water and Sewerage Works, but with involvement of three other city   agencies. Focus is placed on the major streams, but the strategy also covers   the smaller tributaries (Oslo Kommune, 2015). The stream de-culverting initiative is   also linked to two major strategic city policy programs, namely the City   Ecological Program approved by the City Council in 2009, and the new   Municipal Master Plan 2015 - Oslo 2030 “Smart - safe and green” adopted in 2015.  

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