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Beyond developing action plans for restoring urban water bodies, several European cities (e.g. Copenhagen and Rotterdam) are developing a more water-centric overall urban design and are transiting towards a Blue-Green city model. This entails integrating water management with urban green space provision to garner the added value associated with the connection and interaction between the blue and green assets of a city (see table below). Blue-Green Cities may be key to future resilience and sustainability of urban environments and processes (Blue-Green Cities Research Project, n.d.). They aim to recreate a naturally oriented water cycle while contributing to the amenity of the city by bringing water management and green infrastructure together.

Table 3. Blue and green assets and features in the urban realm

Urban Blue

Urban Green

Wastewater reuse and recycling

Rain water harvesting and recycling

Stormwater management as a new resource

Green Roofs

Green parks, streets, squares, parking lots, etc.

Living Walls Systems

Urban Agriculture

Source: Based on Blue Green Dream, 2012.

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