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A Water Plan for   Rotterdam

Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port and also a bustling   city with a strong economy and an intrinsic water character. The connection   with the rivers Maas, Schie and Rotte, and the multitude of canals and lakes   gives Rotterdam its identity as a water city.

On the other hand, such a close and intertwined relationship   with the water environment sets Rotterdam directly against the challenges of   climate change, as are rising water levels, increased rainfall and increasing   pressures on water quality. To confront these future challenges, Rotterdam   has developed Waterplan 2 Rotterdam, a plan for a sustainable development   towards 2030 based on an adaptive approach that aims for multiple objectives,   among which the following can be highlighted: to cope with the increasing   amounts of water that will be reaching the city and putting its   infrastructure to the test, and to ensure the attractiveness of the city   through carefully thought and versatile urban design. Waterplan 2 Rotterdam is   understood as the framework to achieve the city’s long-term vision, and a   forum for consultation and discussion between the multiple actors that will   allow for future ideas and solutions to emerge and develop (Municipality of   Rotterdam et al. 2007).

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