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Zaragoza: Water   Saving City

The awareness-raising campaign in Zaragoza, which started   in 1997 and developed into a wider water-saving programme in later years, is   directly associated with a 5.6% reduction in the city’s annual water   consumption solely in 1998. This is, a total of 1,176 million litres of water   were saved during the project’s second year (Saurí and Cantó, 2008). The   campaign was also successful in promoting significant increases in local   sales of domestic appliances with built-in water savers, water-saving taps   and individual water meters (EC, n.d.). Within the first 15 years after the   start of the project, Zaragoza reduced its water consumption level by roughly   30% (CLIMATE-ADAPT, 2014). Some of the factors quoted as being key to the   success of the campaign include the ability of the project leaders to align   efforts by linking the issue they were addressing with other related topics;   the identification and exploitation of opportunities to push their agenda   forward; and gathering broad support from a wide set of local actors (Rouillard,   Vidaurre et al., 2015).  

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