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Treatment of polluted sediments in Lake   Trekanten, Stockholm

Lake   Trekanten (Lake Triangle) is a small but important recreational lake (13,5   ha) located in a very densely populated area close to central Stockholm.   Although suffering from eutrophication and pollution with heavy metals and   hazardous substances, the lake is extensively used for swimming and fishing   by local residents. Fish restocking with rainbow trout is done regularly and   crayfishing is a popular activity. A large number of measures have been   implemented as a response to the water quality problems of the lake. Several   measures have been analytical in character, some have focused on monitoring   to support analyses, while some measures have been of remedial character such   as the aluminum treatment of sediments to bind phosphorous and the   implementation of a solution for the treatment of stormwater emanating from   the major highway.                                                                   

Photo: @   Juha Salonsaari, Stockholm Municipality

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