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Table 3 Impacts of physical modifications on functions of urban rivers

Functions of urban river spaces

Impacts of physical modifications

Ecological functions  

Lack of habitat and biotope network function

Lack of permeability/passability

Lack of retention areas

Pollution and contamination

Social functions

Lack of accessibility of rivers and streams

Lack of attractive open spaces next to water

Inadequate perception of rivers by the public

Spatial functions

Separation of urban spaces and rivers due to technical infrastructure

Neglected areas along rivers

Based on Bender et al. (2012)

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  • bednamal (Malgorzata Bednarek) 31 Aug 2016 15:28:37


    Ecological functions - we propose to add unwanted increase in the speed of water flow leading to intensive erosion, sediments movement, deepening the bottom and as a result, in case of low water level, drying adjacent areas; potential impact on climate

    Spatial functions - we propose to add blurring natural boundaries of urban landscapes (monotony of a landscape).

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