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The Igelbäcken stream in Stockholm: Important   for ecology and recreation

The   Igelbäcken is, in a city context, a relatively undisturbed stream. It is   considered one of Stockholm’s most ecologically valuable rivers and provides   access to nature and recreation for a huge number of inhabitants in the   northwestern parts of Stockholm.

The stream has a unique   population of the (for Sweden) rare fish species stone loach, which has   become an iconic indicator species of the stream and is widely used   communicatively for stimulating restoration and other environmental measures.   Previously implanted signal crayfish is believed   to impair the preconditions for stone loach. Fishing is prohibited in the   stream. Restoration efforts in River Igelbäcken have included   re-meandering parts of its stretches and adding bottom substrates such as   gravel and stone. The purpose of these measures was to increase the   turbulence in the water and achieve better oxygenation.  Trees and shrubs has been planted along the   river to increase shadowing and lower water temperature during hot summer periods In 2006, the City of Stockholm established the Igelbäcken Nature   Reserve. The nearby municipalities of Solna and Sundbyberg have formed   reserves for their parts of Igelbäcken valley. Within the inter-municipal   Igelbäck Group collaboration between municipalities, the County   Administrative Board and several NGOs has been conducted over 15 years.

Stone loach. Photo:@xxx

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