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De-culverting the streams of Oslo

Most of   the streams passing through Oslo on their journey towards the Oslo Fjord were   culverted as they entered urbanized areas since the 19th century,   in order to reduce water pollution and allow for infrastructure development.

The city   of Oslo has developed a dedicated strategy for de-culverting its streams. The   implementation of the strategy, which focuses on the major streams (River   Akerselva, River Alna), but also covers smaller tributaries, started in   November 2013. In some cases where de-culverting took place in public   parks and green spaces, substantial additional financing could be raised   making it possible to develop blue-green solutions with high aesthetical and   multi-functional values. As an example, the Bjerkedalen Valley section of the   Hovinbekken stream was awarded in 2015 the City of Oslo Architectural Prize   for its high aesthetical and functional values. In the stream segment of   Hovinbekken stream where the Bjerkedalen Valley is located, there is now   trout swimming.  

Bjerkedalen   Valley. Photo: @Tharan Fergus, Oslo Agency for Water and Sewerage Works

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