Folder 2001 Oslo workshop, 17-18 September 2001

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DOC Developing EEA priority data flows for transitional, coastal and marine waters Download kuenitzer (disabled) 28/09/2001, 00:00 166 KB
DOC Development of a core set of water indicators-State of play Download kuenitzer (disabled) 28/09/2001, 00:00 121 KB
PPT EEA's reporting strategy 2001 - 2004, indicators and data gathering Download kuenitzer (disabled) 28/09/2001, 00:00 1 MB
PPT Introduction to EUROWATERNET for transitional, marine and coastal waters Download milesjus (disabled) 03/10/2001, 00:00 311 KB
DOC List of participants-final Download kuenitzer (disabled) 28/09/2001, 00:00 37 KB
DOC Report on the Oslo EIONET workshop 17-18/9/01 Download joanny (disabled) 12/12/2001, 00:00 155 KB
PPT The EEA's need for data and information on transitional, coastal and marine waters - proposed indicators Download milesjus (disabled) 03/10/2001, 00:00 308 KB
PPT The EUROWATERNET process - concept, history and examples using rivers Download milesjus (disabled) 03/10/2001, 00:00 1 MB
PPT The relationship between EUROWATERNET and the Water Framework Directive Download milesjus (disabled) 03/10/2001, 00:00 206 KB
PPT What is Required of NFP's/NRC's Download milesjus (disabled) 03/10/2001, 00:00 144 KB
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