Folder 2011 1st regional workshop of ETC/ICM with West Balkan countries, Zagreb

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Folder Reimbursement documents (3 items) hasikeva (disabled) 30/03/2012, 14:51
Folder presentations Zagreb Workshop (11 items) Anita K√ľnitzer 30/03/2012, 14:51
DOC Attachment_1_Draft Agenda_Regional WB Workshop on Water Directives_30-31May2011_Zagreb_v1 Download hasikeva (disabled) 11/05/2011, 00:00 322 KB
DOC Attachment_3_Travel information_Zagreb Download hasikeva (disabled) 11/05/2011, 00:00 943 KB
PDF Invitation_1st regional WS of ETC-ICM with WB countries_Zagreb_Croatia_30-31_May_2011 Download hasikeva (disabled) 11/05/2011, 00:00 697 KB
DOC Attachment_1_Draft Agenda_Regional WB Workshop on Water Directives_30-31May2011_Zagreb_v2 Download hasikeva (disabled) 13/05/2011, 00:00 322 KB
XLS Attachment_2_List of potencial participants_WB WS_Zagreb_2011_v1 Download hasikeva (disabled) 13/05/2011, 00:00 258 KB
XLS Attachment_2_List of participants_WB WS_Zagreb_2011_v2 Download hasikeva (disabled) 27/05/2011, 00:00 264 KB
XLS Water Directives data availability_WB Download hasikeva (disabled) 27/05/2011, 00:00 38 KB
XLS Water Directives data availability_WB_OVERVIEW_v2 Download hasikeva (disabled) 30/05/2011, 00:00 33 KB
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