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Dear colleagues,

This is an EIONET consultation regarding country profiles on water resources. Over the past decade, Europe has been experiencing record-breaking heatwaves, frequent drought occurrences, and various forms of water stress, such as water shortages and scarcity. These issues are primarily attributed to the impacts of climate change and increased seasonal abstraction pressures.

The purpose of initiating the EIONET consultation for country profiles on water resources is to provide consolidated information and assessments based on data reported under WFD RBMP, WISE SoE, and Eurostat. It will be an integral part of the WISE Freshwater (europa.eu). 

The country profile page will make essential data and information publicly available to support knowledge-based policy-making and enhance public awareness of the importance of water resources under the climate change impacts, which are crucial for our ecosystems, economy, and social welfare.

The reference data has been organized to include information on selected indicators between 2000 and 2021. This data will be updated over time based on new data reporting cycles, such as the 3rd RBMP, WISE SoE, and Eurostat Joint Questionnaire.

The country profile page consists of two main components;

1- landing page provides information at the EU and European level (EEA 38 – EIONET member countries where data and information are available),

2- and the country profile page is organized into seven different panels addressing water availability, water abstraction by source and sector (which are already EEA indicators updated regularly), water stress levels, additional water supplies, water pricing and cost recovery.

Given the diverse sectoral definitions of water pricing reported under the WFD 2nd RBMPs by EU Member States, these sectors are aggregated into three different categories for simplification i.e. Households, agriculture, industry and energy. It should be emphasized that the categorization of sectoral services does not intend to provide an EEA formal standpoint on such definitions.

Currently, the potential content of the country profile is illustrated using the EU level aggregate as an example. You can download the 'WISE Freshwater – Reference data for country profile on water resources' file to access the underlying reference data for your own country.

‘WISE Freshwater – Technical mockup of country profile on water resources’ is a pdf file which provides a complete overview on the information presented in Talkback.

In the Talkback, the information highlighted in bold under the different panels will be presented in the country profile according to the selected country by the end user.

Map 7.1 illustrates financial recovery rate for water supply households, industry and agriculture at the RBD level, as reported by Member States under the 2nd RBMP reporting. This map will be designed with a drop-down menu enabling end users to display three different categories and their associated cost-recovery rates once the country profile has been published on the WISE Freshwater.

Lastly, work on designing charts and maps is ongoing, and some illustrations may change in the coming weeks, without revising the content unless feedback from the EIONET consultation necessitates it.

The first round of consultation will run until November 3, 2023. Once the content of the country profile has been revised based on feedback from the Eionet consultation, there will be an additional five days in November for your final testing of the demo version of the WISE freshwater page before it is made publicly available. You will be notified in advance when the final page is ready for testing.

You will need to log in to comment. In case you have forgotten your EIONET Account credentials, you can recover them using this form: http://www.eionet.europa.eu/password-reset  

For technical support, please contact EIONET helpdesk at: helpdesk@eionet.europa.eu  

For the content related questions, please contact Nihat Zal: Nihat.Zal@eea.europa.eu  and Alexander Psomas (ETC/ICM) alexanderpsomas@brilliantsolutions.gr

We hope you find the draft content of the country profile on water resources interesting and useful and look forward to receiving your comments. 

Thank you very much for your expert assistance. 


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