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Event Final conference for VERA Forward Visions on the European Research Area project

Concept and Target Group

This conference will be the final event of the VERA Forward Visions on the European Research Area project.

It is targeted at policy makers at the European level concerned with Science, Technology and Innovation Policies (STIP) and at stakeholder groups having followed and participated in VERA activities before. It is open to experts and everybody interested in the subject.

The VERA foresight process focuses on the European Research and Innovation Landscapes and Governance in 2030. It is inspired by profoundly different future scenarios an exercise to look for policy issues we need to prioritize today.  

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Period [21/01/2015 - 22/01/2015]
Event location Brussels
Event URL http://www.eravisions.eu/
Contact person Nora Br�ggemann
Email address: nora.brueggemann@scp-centre.org
Contributor Anita Pirc Velkavrh
Geographical coverage EU

Register for the final event  http://www.eravisions.eu/