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Event 2nd European Resource Forum, ERF 2014 Franz Daffner 22/09/2014, 11:21
Event 3rd International Conference - Growth in Transition 2016 Anita Pirc Velkavrh 26/01/2016, 12:26
Event 5th International Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analyses Anita Pirc Velkavrh 29/10/2014, 11:59
Event Beyond SDG indicators – Part 2: Beyond the numbers , 12 April 2016, 15.00-17.00 GMT Anita Pirc Velkavrh 25/03/2016, 14:13
Event DEADLINE: GMT Implications Handbook - Examples and Lessons from countries (page 33) boeckhen (disabled) 26/07/2016, 12:12
Event EEA side event at Growth in transition conference: Governing transitions with Foresight Anita Pirc Velkavrh 15/01/2016, 14:00
Event ESPAS Conference 2014 - Global Trends 2030: Key Challenges ahead for the European Union Anita Pirc Velkavrh 05/02/2014, 16:03
Event FTA2018: Future in the making, Brussels, 4 & 5 June 2018 Anita Pirc Velkavrh 01/03/2018, 14:51
Event FTA2018: Future in the making, Brussels, 4 & 5 June 2018 Anita Pirc Velkavrh 01/03/2018, 14:54
Event Final conference for VERA Forward Visions on the European Research Area project Anita Pirc Velkavrh 09/01/2015, 14:15
Event NRC FLIS Annual meeting 2016 boeckhen (disabled) 25/04/2016, 15:16
Event NRC FLIS expert meeting Anita Pirc Velkavrh 03/04/2015, 13:30
Event Open Symposium Earth’s Safe Operating Space for Humanity: From Concept to Action Anita Pirc Velkavrh 15/01/2016, 13:48
Event RECREATE project first strategic workshop, 23rd April 2014, Brussels Owen White 01/04/2014, 11:28
Event SOER 2015 Part A: Consultation on the wrap-up chapter for Global megatrends, Part A in SOER 2015 sitkimar (disabled) 21/11/2014, 11:44
Event Session about horizon scanning at the 3rd European Technology Assessment Conference Anita Pirc Velkavrh 17/02/2017, 15:58
Event Summit on the Global Agenda 2014 sitkimar (disabled) 17/11/2014, 11:24
Event The potential of eco-innovation for jobs, economic growth and sustainable development in the EU eco-industries - scenarios Anita Pirc Velkavrh 17/03/2014, 09:35
Event VOLANTE LAUNCH The Roadmap for Future Land Resources Management in Europe Anita Pirc Velkavrh 03/04/2015, 13:37
Event “Scenarios Towards A Resource Efficient Europe” Anita Pirc Velkavrh 28/01/2014, 15:51