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Folder Sustainable development goals (7 items) Anita Pirc Velkavrh 01/03/2016, 16:53
DOCX Report-Workshop on the Scoping Study on Modelling of EU Environment Policy on 19 May 2016 in Brussels Download Anita Pirc Velkavrh 28/06/2016, 13:53 262 KB
URL The Role of Integrated Assessments in the Twenty-First Century, Rik Leemans Anita Pirc Velkavrh 30/03/2016, 09:23
News World Development Report 2015 : Mind, Society, and Behavior Anita Pirc Velkavrh 09/01/2015, 11:47
URL How to see into the future, By Tim Harford, FT Magazine, September 5, 2014 Anita Pirc Velkavrh 09/09/2014, 14:43
PDF A Planet-Wide Information System Download sitkimar (disabled) 24/04/2014, 14:19 189 KB
PDF Forward Looking Structural change and institutions in highest-income countries and globally Download sitkimar (disabled) 24/04/2014, 13:58 1 MB
PDF Forward looking needs systemised megatrends in suitable granularity Download sitkimar (disabled) 24/04/2014, 14:23 1 MB
DOC Futures Studies in the European Ex-socialist Countries Download szomosza (disabled) 27/06/2014, 12:10 4 MB
PDF Global studies means forward-looking Download sitkimar (disabled) 24/04/2014, 14:26 110 KB
URL HARNESSING THE WISDOM OF THE CROWD TO FORECAST WORLD EVENTS, The Good Judgment Project, University of California Berkeley, US sitkimar (disabled) 11/04/2014, 10:09
PDF Institutional reorganisation can be inspired by forward-looking information systems Download sitkimar (disabled) 24/04/2014, 14:12 701 KB
DOC Official BLOSSOM country case study - Hungary Download szomosza (disabled) 20/05/2014, 16:16 1 MB
PDF Science and Technology Options Assessment, Annual Report 2013, European Parliamentary Research Service Download sitkimar (disabled) 10/04/2014, 14:36 2 MB
URL Science for Environment Policy: Identifying emerging risks for environmental policies Anita Pirc Velkavrh 25/04/2016, 11:42
URL Top 10 urban innovations of 2015 lorenull (disabled) 02/11/2015, 09:18