Folder Training on reporting of SoE biological elements in rivers and lakes, 26 September 2013, Ohrid, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Zip download

Country visit by ETC/ICM to Ohrid, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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Folder Additional information (1 item) Jannicke Moe 01/10/2013, 15:15
Folder Presentation by Hydrobiololgical Insitute (1 item) Jannicke Moe 27/09/2013, 11:10
Folder Presentations by ETC-ICM (2 items) Jannicke Moe 24/09/2013, 22:55
Folder Training material (1 item) Jannicke Moe 24/09/2013, 22:57
DOC Attachment 1_Agenda_WB_traning on biology_Ohrid_Macedonia_26Sept_2013_v1 Download Eva Hasikova 17/09/2013, 12:25 290 KB
DOC Attachment 1_Agenda_WB_traning on biology_Ohrid_Macedonia_26Sept_2013_v2 Download Eva Hasikova 23/09/2013, 10:41 291 KB
XLS Attachment 2_List of participants_Training on Biology_Ohrid_2013_v1 Download Eva Hasikova 17/09/2013, 09:54 247 KB
PDF Invitation_SoE biology trainning_Ohrid_Macedonia_26Sept2013 Download Eva Hasikova 17/09/2013, 09:53 1 MB
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