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EIONET interest groups

This is a list of the EIONET interest groups hosted on Forum

Public interest groups
Interest groups you can access (view/download content) without authentication.
Eionet Communications Group [Request membership]
Group for sharing communication practices, exploring synergies and linking communication efforts for greater impact
Eionet Data, Technologies and Digitalisation [Request membership]
Group for cross-thematic work related to data management and data analysis
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Eionet Biodiversity and Ecosystems 1 Group [Request access]
Group for coordinated inputs across the topics of forest, freshwater, agriculture and environment, marine, biodiversity and ecosystems.
Eionet Biodiversity and Ecosystems 2 Group [Request access]
Group with focus on drivers of biodiversity and ecosystems changes, supporting the implementation of actions, and management measures and their evaluation.
Eionet Circular Economy and Resource Use Group [Request access]
Group with focus on means to reduce environmental and climate impacts from production and consumption systems in Europe.
Eionet Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation Group [Request access]
Group for assessing climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation in Europe
Eionet Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Systems Group [Request access]
Group for supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of relevant climate policies and measures, including those addressing the energy system
Eionet Food Systems Group [Request access]
Group for supporting activities addressing the sustainability of food systems in Europe, including the policies and drivers that shape them.
Eionet Foresight Group [Request access]
Group for promoting the use of forward-looking information in integrated assessments and for building foresight literacy within Eionet.
Eionet Human Health and Environment Group [Request access]
Group for assessing how exposure to air pollution, noise, hazardous chemicals, and climate change contribute to the burden of disease in Europe
Eionet Land Systems Group [Request access]
Group for assessing how land and soil are impacted by climate change, land use change, pollution and other pressures.
Eionet Mobility Systems Group [Request access]
Group for development of knowledge and indicators on transport, enviroment and climate.
Eionet State of the Environment Group [Request access]
Group for improving reporting for SOE and related sustainability assessments.
Eionet Working Group Building Systems [Request access]
Working group for studying intergrated environmental assessment of building systems
Eionet Working Group Planetary Boundaries [Request access]
Working group for exploring the operationalisation of planetary boundaries at the national scale

Archived Interest groups

Not accessible. Kept for documentation. You can request access to content via HelpDesk.

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