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After the finalisation of the 2016 assessment project, minor issues regarding mostly nomenclature of the habitats but also some mismatches between project deliverables were identified. After consultation with project co-ordinators a list of recommended code / names was concluded. These will be followed in the EEA products addressing the European Red List of habitats.

Major issues to be flagged:

  • For habitat ‘A5.38 Communities of Marmara circalittoral muddy detritic bottoms’, the information in 2016 project database is not correct. For information on this habitat please refer to the habitat factsheet.
  • For habitat ‘B1.1b Mediterranean and Black Sea sand beach’ the correct assessment is ‘Near threatened’ for both EU28 and EU28+. The assessment ‘Least Concerned’ of the factsheet and the database is incorrect.
  • The crosslinks to Annex I habitats and to EUNIS 2007 (revised descriptions 2012) that are given in the 2016 project database and habitat factsheets have been checked and revised through contracts between EEA and Wageningen Environmental Research including European Red List habitats project co-ordinators. The revised information is available (European Red List of Habitats - enhanced by EEA — European Environment Agency ( Marine Red List habitats are not crosslinked to EUNIS 2007. For both terrestrial and marine Red List habitats crosslinks to the ongoing revised EUNIS habitat classification is available or will become available.

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