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NRC interest groups

This is a list of the NRC interest groups hosted on Forum

Public interest groups
Interest groups you can access (view/download content) without authentication.
NRC Agriculture and Forests Interest Group [Request membership]
IG 2 - National Reference Centres for Agriculture and Forests
NRC Air Quality [Request membership]
IG National Reference Centers for Air Quality
NRC Biodiversity [Request membership]
NRC Biodiversity
NRC EIONET Climate Change Adaptation [Request membership]
IG - National Reference Centers on Climate Change Adaptation
NRC EIONET Freshwater interest group [Request membership]
IG - National Reference Centers for Freshwater
NRC EIS Environmental Information Systems [Request membership]
IG 8 - National Reference Centres on Environmental Information Systems
NRC Energy [Request membership]
IG 6 - National Reference Centres for Energy
NRC Environment and Agriculture [Request membership]
NRC FLIS Interest Group [Request membership]
National Reference Centres for Forward Looking Information and Scenarios
NRC Forests [Request membership]
NRC Industrial Pollution [Request membership]
NRC Marine, coastal and maritime [Request membership]
Marine and coastal environment and maritime activities
NRC Soil [Request membership]
IG 21 - National Reference Centers for Soil
NRC biodiversity and ecosystems indicators and assessments [Request membership]
National reference centres for biodiversity and ecosystems indicators and assessments
NRC-SOE (State of the Environment Reporting) [Request membership]
National Reference Centres for State of the Environment
Interest groups you need to be logged in with Eionet account
NRC Communication [Request access]
IG 5 - National Reference Centres for Communication
NRC Environment and Health [Request access]
IG 10 - National Reference Centres on Environment and Health
NRC Environment and Transport (TERM) [Request access]
NRC Land Cover Interest Group [Request access]
IG 11 - National Reference Centres for Land Cover
NRC Land Use and Spatial Planning [Request access]
NRC Noise [Request access]
IG 17 - National Reference Centres on Noise
NRCs on resource efficiency and waste [Request access]
National Reference Centres for Resource efficient economy and NRC Waste