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The EU27+UK has made substantial progress and has decreased water abstraction by 24 % in 2017 compared to the level of 2000, while in the same period its Gross Value Added (GVA) has increased by 52 %. Although the volumetric pressure on renewable freshwater resources has started to decline, significant improvements are not yet visible in the quantitative status of water bodies, partly because recovery can be a slow environmental process, and also because climate change and socio-economic development can offset volumetric gains and aggravate local pressures. The milestone set in the EU resource efficiency roadmap — i.e. water abstraction should stay below 20 % of available water resources in Europe — has not been achieved yet in 19 RBDs according to the estimate in 2015. According to estimations, 20 % of territory and 33% of permanent population were affected by water stress conditions in the summer of 2015, with water abstraction exceeding 20% of available water resources (EEA, 2018b).

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