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Lisflood data from the JRC have been used to gap fill the streamflow data set (see EEA (undated), Table 1 — Reference data sources for gap filling and modulation coefficients). The spatial reference data for the WEI+ are the European Catchments and Rivers Network System (Ecrins) data (250-m vector resolution). Ecrins is a vector spatial data set, while Lisflood data are in 5-km raster format. To fill the gaps in the streamflow data, centroids of the Lisflood raster have been identified as fictitious (virtual) stations. The topological definition of the drainage network in Ecrins has been used to match the most relevant and nearest fictitious Lisflood stations with EEA-Eionet stations and the Ecrins river network. After this, the locations of stations between Eionet and Lisflood stations were compared and overlapping stations were selected for gap filling. For the remaining stations, the following criteria were adhered to: fictitious stations had to be located within the same catchment as the Eionet station and have the same main river segment; in addition, both stations had to show a strong correlation.

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