Rivers and lakes in European cities

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Dear Colleague,

The draft of the forthcoming 2016 EEA Report ‘Rivers and lakes in European cities: Past and future challenges’ (planned for publication in the autumn) is now available for EIONET consultation and review. Please note that the deadline for providing feedback is 31st August 2016. 

This report aims to outline the ways European cities develop strategies and measures to cope with the key challenges they currently face for their inland surface waters (rivers and lakes) and showcase specific measures, strategies and initiatives which can serve as source of inspiration and lessons learned. 

As a key EEA stakeholder, I would appreciate if you could consider and review this draft and provide your comments. I would also appreciate your corrections of any errors and suggestions for additional information. Improvements in the formatting and layout are intended following this consultation.

The invitation to review has been sent to the EIONET National Reference Centres on Water Quality and to the experts that have provided information for the case studies. In addition, the invitation are sent in copy to National Focal Points, NRCs on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation, relevant European Commission experts and other experts in river restoration and urban issues.

To submit your comments please use your EIONET account to access the online review platform at http://forum.eionet.europa.eu/nrc-eionet-freshwater/library/rivers-and-lakes-european-cities/.

If you wish to familiarise yourself with the report before commenting a pdf version of the report can be found on the online review platform as well. We would however like to ask you to provide your comments via the online review platform and not via email based on the pdf file. Use of the online platform enables us to review your comments systematically.

The access to provide comments has been limited to the users in this invitation. However, you can invite other Eionet colleagues by forwarding the link above to them. After they open the link and log in with their Eionet account, a button “Apply for reviewer rights” will appear.

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For technical support, please contact EIONET helpdesk at: helpdesk@eionet.europa.eu  

I hope you find the draft report informative and look forward to receiving your comments. If you have any questions regarding the report please do not hesitate to get in contact with myself (Peter.Kristensen@eea.europa.eu) or Stéphane Isoard (Stephane.Isoard@eea.europa.eu).

With intentions towards an interesting and constructive collaboration,

Yours sincerely,

Peter Kristensen

Project manager Integrated Water Assessments

European Environment Agency

Section Comments
Executive summary 0
1. Introduction 4
2. Fall and rise of urban rivers and lakes 6
3. Coping with key challenges for urban rivers and lakes 0
3.1 Water availability and supply 0
3.2 Water quality 1
3.3 Structural changes 1
3.3.2 Hydromorphological restoration of urban rivers and lakes 1
3.3.3 Uncovering Europe’s hidden rivers 0
3.3.4 Restoration to cope with urban flood risks 3
4 Lessons learned and way forward 3
Acknowledgements 1