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In the city of Aarhus, Denmark, in order to reduce discharges from combined sewer overflows, new rainwater retention basins were created and an integrated real time control system set up to allow for coordinated operation of the sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants. These actions are part of a large urban restoration project, including uncovering the River Aarhus to reconnect it to the city landscape. Similarly, in the city of Lódz, Poland, measures to counteract stormwater overflows and quality degradation in the urban stream SokoĊ‚ówka have been combined with a restoration programme for the river and its valley. In London, the Lee Tunnel has been constructed to capture and prevent 16 million tonnes of sewage mixed with rainwater from overflowing into the River Lee each year. The tunnel is the deepest ever constructed under London and forms a key part of the biggest expansion of London’s sewerage network since the 1860s (Thames Water, 2016).

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