PDF EUROWATERNET-Emissions A European Inventory of Emissions to Water: Proposed Operational Methodology

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There are a number of legislative requirements for information on pollutant emissions: the implementation of the Fifth Environmental Action Plan of the European Union, various EU directives, especially the Water Framework Directive, for Eurostat and the Marine Conventions. There are strong incentives therefore to develop an inventory and evaluation of pollutant emissions to water which should integrate all possible sources of emissions to supply all the information needs. The Pollution Emission Register (PER) will be used within the limits of legislative requirements. As far as the nomenclature of emission sources (NOSE) proposed by Eurostat is concerned, its application to water emissions requires further tests and refinements. Hence, within the context of developing tools for use in inventorising and evaluating the total emission of pollutants into the environment, the European Topic Centre on Inland Waters (now the ETC on Water) has been developing a European method of inventorising and assessing emissions to water taking into consideration all possible sources of emission. This is part of the EUROWATERNET process and will support EEA and member countries' activities aimed at streamlining of reporting, especially on emissions.