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Dear colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the Country and stakeholder consultation of the Report on Bathing Water Management in Europe: Successes and challenges. We kindly ask you to comment on the Report using the online tool (TalkBack) before 08 July 2020.

We hope you find the draft report interesting and look forward to receiving your comments. Please contact with me ( for any case you need either further clarification or support in using the TalkBack for the consultation.

“Bathing Water Management in Europe: Successes and challenges” report will show how four decades of European water policy and management guided by the Bathing Water Directive has significantly improved bathing conditions across the continent. This represents a significant ‘good news’ story in an era of environmental declines and reported disconnections between people and nature, especially in urban areas.

The report gives an overview of how specific water management measures, strategies and practices have been implemented in different places in response to local challenges. These serve as ‘good practice’ examples for management in the future. However, maintaining good bathing water conditions in the future will depend on adaptive management of emerging pressures such as climate change and plastic pollution.

The report outlines the nature of these pressures, and their impacts, and highlights the management strategies that might mitigate their effects. The objectives of this report are thus twofold: first, to celebrate the value and importance of bathing waters in the lives of millions of European people; and second, to outline how we might protect and restore bathing sites for decades to come.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

Mustafa Aydın
Expert – Regional cooperation and marine knowledge


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