0. Guidance to the reader

0.     Guidance to the reader

2012 will be the European year of water in which the EU Commission will publish its ―Blueprint to safeguard European waters comprising reviews of the WFD, Water scarcity and drought and vulner-ability and adaptation policies. To accompany these policy processes EEA plans for 2012 a set of reports on the ―State of Europe‘s water.

The format of the EEA 2012 State of Europe‘s water assessment is planned to consist of four thematic assessments and an overarching synthesis and integrated report. In terms of communication, the several assessments are planned to be published on several occasions throughout 2012. EEA is currently working on the following thematic assessments with indication of when they are to be published:

1)     Efficient Use of Water Resources (World Water Forum, Marseilles) - March 2012;

2)     WFD: Hydromorphology – Summer 2012.

3)     Vulnerability (Water scarcity and drought, floods, water quality) – Autumn 2012;

4)     WFD: Ecological and chemical status and pressures – Autumn 2012;

This report is going to be the third one in the series. It is based on the input “Thematic Assessment on Vulnerability to Water Scarcity and Drought” by ETC/ICM and “Floods – vulnerability, risks and management” by ETC/CCA and ETC/ICM. Both background documents are distributed together with this zero draft.

The background document on Water Scarcity and Droughts contains an Annex  providing more detail about the maps for the Water Exploitation Index (WEI), the needed and available data.

The final version of this report will be around 70 pages.

We hope that Member States and relevant stakeholders will read and comment on the current draft reports. We hope that Member States can check the information included from their country/RBDs and in case of missing information update the information reported.

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