Water resources across Europe- confronting water stress - II

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In 2009, EEA published a report on Water resources across Europe - confronting water stress to address various aspects of the water scarcity issues. The current report is the updated version of 2009 report, hence, titled Water resources across Europe — confronting water scarcity and drought-II. Compared to 2009 report, the current report adds recent data, an update of determining trends and of the cross-links with adjacent sectors and disciplines, updates of policies and measures, and proposals for solutions.

The report presents results on:

  • Analyses of climate change impacts on water resources
  • Pressures of socio-economic development on water resources
  • Future projections on water availability under the changing climate and population increase
  • Ways of dealing with the future water scarcity and droughts include innovative technologies, policy responses, nexus approaches and nature-based solutions.

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05 February 2021

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